Securing Industrial Control Systems in the Ever-Evolving OT Landscape.

28th February 2024

About Event

As industry experts navigate the intricate domain of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) amid the dynamic OT landscape, OPSWAT takes the lead in delivering nuanced insights and solutions through its unique unified platform. This immersive event provides attendees with a profound understanding of the latest threats and explores proactive approaches, offering an opportunity to elevate their OT security posture.

Deepen your understanding of Operational Technology (OT) security within the industrial sector by participating in OPSWAT’s exclusive roundtable, focused on ‘Securing ICS in the Ever-Evolving OT Landscape.’

In addition to knowledge-packed sessions, OPSWAT extends a distinctive offering to all attendees: Complimentary Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Training Vouchers. These vouchers provide access to three premium certifications—ICIP, OFSA, and ODSA. This event is a must-attend for the Jubail industrial community, aligning with the overarching goals of Saudi Vision 2030

Key Takeaways


Explore proactive strategies for addressing the latest threats in industrial cybersecurity. 


Gain in-depth insights into ICS within the evolving OT landscape.


Elevate your organization’s OT security posture with OPSWAT’s unified platform. 


Acquire actionable insights from the panel session on ‘Future-Proofing OT Security.’


Advance your career with OPSWAT Academy’s CIP courses and certifications 


Contribute to overreaching Saudi Vision 2030 goals through industry transformation. 


Registration and Networking

Opening Remarks by OPSWAT 

Keynote Address: Navigating the Evolving OT Landscape

OPSWAT Unified Platform Showcase 

Coffee Break and Networking 

Interactive Panel Discussion: ‘Future-Proofing OT Security'

OPSWAT Regional Success Stories

Q&A and Closing Remarks

Prayer & Networking Lunch

Immerse yourself in a focused exploration of OT security, gain actionable insights, and enjoy networking opportunities. 

This carefully curated agenda ensures a dynamic and engaging experience, offering valuable takeaways to elevate your understanding of OT security in the industrial sector. 


Sertan Selcuk

Vice President, METAP and CIS at OPSWAT

Amjad Quteifan

Regional Sales Director - Central Gulf & North Africa, OPSWAT

Martin Kallas

Sales Engineer at OPSWAT

Kutay Kelleci


Adeel Agha

Sr. Analyst - Security & Compliance at Al Ittefaq Steel Production Co

Shatha Dossary

ICS specialist at Aramco


Immerse yourself in a focused exploration of OT security, gain actionable insights, and enjoy networking opportunities.